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Migrant Exploitation

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What is migrant exploitation

As a Migrant worker you are entitled to exactly the same working conditions as a normal citizen.

Exploitation can be behaviour that causes, or increases the risk of, material harm to your economic, social, physical, or emotional well-being. This could include breaches of minimum employment standards or breaches of health and safety and immigration laws. However, it does exclude minor and insignificant breaches that are not constant and easily remedied.

You may be a victim of exploitation if you:

  • don’t have a written employment agreement
  • have to pay a fee to get your job
  • have to give back part or all of your wages to your employer
  • are paid too little or nothing at all for your work
  • are not paid for all hours of work
  • are asked by your boss to say you have worked less hours than you have
  • are made to work an excessive number of hours, with no breaks
  • have no time off from work
  • are not paid for public holidays or annual leave,
  • cannot leave your workplace because the doors and windows are locked, or
  • must ask for permission to eat, sleep, or go to the toilet.
  • forces you to do work that is not part of your job, such as clean their home
  • threatens to call Immigration New Zealand to end your work visa
  • makes you work more hours than your visa allows
  • provides you with accommodation as part of your wages/salary, but makes you pay more for it than you should by law.
  • keeps your passport

If you believe any of the above circumstance apply to you, you should seek assistance as soon as possible.